Finding The Right Tax Accountant To Do Your Returns

Almost a third of American taxpayers still rely on professional tax accountants to prepare their tax returns. So choosing a reliable and trustworthy tax preparer is an important financial decision. Remember that you will be sharing confidential information about your personal life and your finances. Also, you cannot let just anyone handle your taxes for […]

Get Your Uber W2 with this Step by Step Guide

If you’re frantically looking for your Uber W2 for your tax preparation, STOP. First, you don’t expect a W2 form from Uber. Uber drivers are considered independent contractors. What you should be looking for is your Uber 1099 Form. Don’t confuse the W2 to file the appropriate tax return. W2 vs 1099: Why Uber drivers don’t get a W2 The W2 forms […]

The 2018 Tax Changes That Everybody’s Talking About – A Comprehensive Guide to Deductions and Credits

Heard the news didn’t you? Your tax refund for the 2018 tax year is going to be significantly smaller. Why? It’s simpy because the changes in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are now taking effect. You probably feel uncertain about what all this means for the 2018 filing period. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help […]

What are Pre Tax Deductions

What are Pre Tax Deductions | Demystify Your Payslip You know your pre-tax deductions. Your payroll deductions, healthcare, and other employee-deducted fees found in your W-2 form. However, do you realize those pre-tax deductions are calculated differently from post-tax deductions? You might see a smaller amount upfront, but pre-tax deductions can save you money. But […]